Everyone Wants a Little Snow For the Holidays ...
Bill Lauf's new CD,  For the Snow, makes the perfect musical gift.  It's a collection of songs about winter, the most contemplative season.  It's not a holiday recording - rather, it's an homage to the beauty and mystery of wintertime.
Bill is joined by some amazing musicians, including Grammy award-winning cellist David Darling, acoustic jazz bassist Gordon Johnson, pedal steel wizard Gordon Titcomb and tasteful percussionist John Bagale.  Additional cameos are provided by daughter Lura Lauf (piano), son Max Lauf (drums) and Christina Schell Pate (vocal).  Chris Brown produced this beautiful recording with Bill and brings a fine sense of warmth and wonder to the mix.
“For the Snow is Bill's winter Van Gogh.  Its aching beauty captures the grayest of seasons in all its shimmering melancholy.  David Darling, whose cello gave the Paul Winter Consort part of its signature sound, wraps the songs in a wool blanket.”   - author, historian and musician/songwriter Joe Manning

For the Snow is available at  www.billlauf.com