Full Moon.mp3

Full Moon Through An Apple Tree (1981)

I'm the full moon through an apple tree
A single smooth circle of pale yellow behind a
tangle of lines without symmetry
Stretched on the edge of the sky

While you are the waves on the constant sea
Shaped by the winds while the waters below you are
Drawn up and down by my gravity
Spilling your gems on the shore

To me you are movements unknown on the moon: Your
Patterns ever changing on the folding sea…as I
Rise in the night, you make my moonlight
appear so free. On you it seems the
blossoms of an apple tree

Oh you are a lot like the clouds to me
Foaming and rolling—so gracefully changing your
shape while an old wind-sung lullabye
Plays to the stars in the night,
Plays to the stars in the night
Plays to the stars in the night.

Photo Credits
Photo composite - Max Lauf
Header Photo | Suzhou, China ~ Francois Ferchaud
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