Lura Lura Lura (Gray Diner version).mp3


She’s a pretty little girl, pearl of my world
How she makes me wonder
At the heavens above, rainin’ down love
And laughing in thunder

Lura Lura Lura Lura Lura Lura Lura Lye
Lura Lura Lura Lura Lura Lura Lura Lye

When you first came through, I was holding you In your swaddling pajamas
And it didn’t seem wrong just to sing out a song
As I handed you to mama


And you know I didn’t sleep right when you were crying at night
So I picked you up to hold you
Saying “Please don’t cry, close your pretty blue eyes”
And the dawn came, just like I told you


Now that you and mama are gone I’m lonely all day long
Nights are empty and hollow
So I look for beauty in the trees, smell the flowers on the breeze,
Hear the singing of the swallows
Clutch your soft teddy bear, the one without any hair
And I feel as naked as he does
But the taste of love is everywhere and I pray that despair
Will never, ever defeat us


Photo Credits
Header Photo | Suzhou, China ~ Francois Ferchaud
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